March Flower of the Month

Choosing just one “Flower of the Month” for March is hard for me.  March is the absolute best month of the year for flowers.  The cool weather flowers are at their peak, the year round flowers are rested from the last busy season of Valentines Day and spring is springing all over the world.  Flower love is in the air! 

But alas, we must pick only one.  The winner is Ranunculus.  This beauty is hearty beyond her belying delicate features.  It comes in a myriad of colors from white to vibrant red and dark burgundy.  While this flower is available most months of the year she really shines in March and April.

Ranunculus is great for adding texture to bouquets and small arrangements.  A favorite of brides, it holds up well out of water for boutonnieres or corsages as well.