How To Be a Top Notch Bridesmaid

Let’s admit it. We’ve all seen, laughed, and probably cried watching the movie Bridesmaids with Kristen Wig and Maya Rudolph. While a lot of the movie feels like a dramatization of a bridal party, sometimes it does mirror reality. You might have been asked (or will be!) to be a bridesmaid for one of your closest friends. How can you be the best bridesmaid and support for your friend on her big day?


Bachelorette: Plan hers, not yours

You might be asked by the bride or maid of honor to help plan the bachelorette party/trip. Sit down with the bride to find out what she wants (and doesn’t want) to do so you can ensure she’s comfortable and has the most fun with her girls that night.  

Offer practical help

Rather than just saying offhand “let me know if you need anything,”  it would be nice to ask to see the bride’s (or maid of honor’s) to do list and offer to take specific tasks off her hands. It will be helpful to know specific ways you can lend a hand, and the bride won’t have to feel stressed trying to delegate tasks off the top of her head to people.


Be a peacekeeper within the bridal party

In some cases, the bridal party may all know each other from school or growing up, but in most cases, it’s a hodge podge of friends and important people to the bride that she brings together from many parts of her life. Take the chance to get to know the other bridesmaids and feel out their personalities. Be the peacekeeper in potentially stressful situations related to budgets for the bachelorette and shower, styles of bridesmaids dresses, etc. The bride will greatly appreciate the no drama vibes from her bridal party and will feel more excited about the big day.

Spoil her

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, spoil the bride! Take her out for drinks to chat or drink wine and make cookies at home. Send her excited texts or emails. She might be stressed with all the planning and appeasing of family members by that point. Make her feel special and remind her about the amazing things to be excited about in the coming weeks.

Be there

This seems obvious but... Throughout the whole process and especially on the big day, it’s important to be there for the bride. Not just physically, but emotionally and otherwise. Your friend may want opinions on details or just to vent frustrations about particular aspects of the planning process. She might be bubbling over with excitement about the table decor she just picked. She might be crying tears of joy while getting ready the morning of the wedding. Find every way you can to support her as she would support you.

And of course…..laugh a lot, cry a lot, and have fun!