Wedding Makeup Survival Kit

wedding makeup survival kit

When you are getting ready for the big event, you’ve probably thought about the all-important Wedding Day Survival Kit, no matter who helps you pull it together. BUT, you also need to prepare a Wedding Makeup Survival Kit. These indispensable items could help save the day!

If you are using a professional makeup artist, be sure to get information on what shades she is using for your foundation, blush, translucent powder and lip color.

The Must-Have Makeup List

Wedding Makeup Survival Kit


1.       COMPACT MIRROR – Don’t forget the mirror! Sometimes the full-length mirror won’t do the trick when checking your makeup.

2.       CONTACT SOLUTION – If you are wearing contact lenses, your solution will save the day if you have an issue. If you like to be extra prepared, bring an extra set of lenses and pack your lens case in case you need to remove your lenses.

3.       EYE DROPS – Pack some Visine or drops of your choice, just in case.

4.       TRANSLUCENT POWER – Keep handy for touch ups.

5.       Q TIPS -  You never know when a Q-tip could come in handy to touch up under-eyes or lips.

6.       BLOTTING PAPERS – Perfect for blotting away extra facial oils or shine.

Wedding Makeup Survival Kit

7.       MAKEUP REMOVER – Sounds drastic after having your makeup done, but touch up mistakes do happen. And if tears affect your eye makeup, you may be glad this is on hand.

8.       LIP STAIN (or lip color) – If lip color fades or needs freshening up.

9.       LASH GLUE/LINER – Just in case you start to get ‘eyelash lift’ at just the wrong time.

10.   MASCARA – Good for last minute touch-ups.

11.   FOUNDATION – Hard to imagine a case where you need new foundation, but you somehow rub your face and have a bare spot, this means you can make a repair.

12.   BOBBY PINS / HAIR PINS – If you are wearing your hair up, extra pins can reconnect drooping curls or fly-aways.

13.   HAIR SPRAY – Useful if you need to pat down loose hairs.

Wedding Makeup Survival Kit

14.   NAIL POLISH COLOR, CLEAR COAT & EMORY BOARD – Perfect for a quick repair for snags for chips in your polish.

15.   STRAWS – You won’t be sorry! Absolute necessity to prevent lipstick smears when drinking liquids before the ceremony.

16.   DENTAL FLOSS/MINTS – And, if you snack before the wedding, floss comes in handy if food is visible in your teeth.

17.   TISSUES TRAVEL PACK – For tears and noses.

18.   PERFUME – For that final touch up behind the ears.

19.   DEODORANT – Hopefully you did not forget to apply, but odds are someone in the group may have missed theirs.


Pull together all these makeup items as the big day nears. Your Wedding Makeup Survival Kit should come in handy and even help fend off a makeup catastrophe! If you missed it, be sure to check out our post on Wedding Makeup Mistakes.

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