Best Dressed Barn Wedding - The Rustic Wedding Dress for Outdoor Weddings

Rustic Wedding Dress

Some folks in this beautiful country of ours think barn weddings are beginning to be a trend.  Well, new flash… Nashville, TN, has been rocking barn weddings for almost Five Years, including the rustic wedding dress. 

As a matter of fact, I would say we have down-right perfected them. Barns in this neck of the woods are as varied as country music singers.

Rustic Wedding Dresses

There are sophisticated specimens like Sycamore Farms and Mint Springs Farms, newer chic barns like Allenbrook Farms and Tuckers Gap.  But, the shining star this year in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area is the newly opened Firefly Lane… a sweet venue, just outside of Dickson, TN, sporting the perfect ratio of sparkle and rustic.  Check out our blog post “Firefly Lane – Sharing a Venue with Nature"

So, this got me to thinking, “Of all the gowns in our salon, which ones would be perfect at Firefly Lane?”.  So here are my “Things to Think About” list when selecting your gown for a fine barn venue.

Tip 1:

Balance the style and richness of the gown to the venue.  This is crucial.  You wouldn’t wear a full-length fancy dress and mink stole to the dentist, but you would wear it to the opera or the symphony.  A gown, regardless of the silhouette, that has fewer sequin embellishments and sparkly things will balance better with this more natural setting.  You can always add a bling belt or sparkle in your hair if you are a girl that just needs a glamorous touch.

Tip 2: 

Consider the weather.  Tennessee can be especially humid in the summer.  And fortunately, Firefly Lane is climate controlled, but big, heavy, satin ballgowns are best reserved for indoor venues or at least the cooler months of the year.  Look for a gown that is lighter and less bulky.  The new crepe fabric we are seeing in the 2018 gowns is perfect for our climate.  Lace gowns with less structure are a good call as well.  The goal is to not freeze to death in the fall or have sweat running gown your back and legs in the summer.

Tip 3: 

Rustic Wedding Dresses

Consider your activities.  Those show-stopping mermaid gowns are great at calling attention to those curves you have worked so hard for.  However, they aren’t great for showing off those dance moves.  It is impossible to do the stinky leg if you can’t part your knees and thighs.  So, if you plan on dropping it like it’s hot, look for a loose-fitting sheath gown or an A-line gown.  Ballgowns are great for waltzing and slow dancing to Frank Sinatra and also for a boot-scootin’ boogie in those wedding cowboy boots.

So, after all these considerations, here are my top pics for Firefly Lane.