When the Flowers are so Very, Very British

British Flowers

There is such charm in things that are very, very British. It's something different, ever so slightly from American things. In our minds, it seems to be more historical and quaint from their royalty and palaces, to English gardens and lots & lots of rain.

British Flowers

We've been celebrating our British connections with Ellis Bridal and some of the country's wedding imagery and traditions.  So now Geny's Flowers wants to share a bit about British floral design and florists. Interestingly,  Merry Ol' England has very different flowers than you find stateside.


British florists have access to different wholesalers and growers from the Continent. For example, just imagine Holland with its endless acres of tulips. Plus Verbena, Lupin, Foxglove, Violets, Gorse, and Kaffin Lilies.

British Flowers

Well, you are in for a treat when you visit The Best In: London Florists blogpost at Ellis Bridal.

Make it a point to visit the websites of the florists highlighted in the article. Then check out their Instagram pages. It's a journey through color and inspiration!

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