Building a Wedding Guest List - How Well Do You Know Them?

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You’ve got the fiancé, you’ve got the budget, now let’s build that guest list. Building the guest list so early in the planning process is imperative so you know which venue you should select. Selecting your venue should be one of the first things you knock off your list. Let’s discuss how to narrow down and finalize your guest count.


            Narrow Arrow

            First and foremost, sit down with family and have the discussion ahead of time regarding the guest list. For most brides, the need to appease family members almost surpasses everything else. As a guideline, a good estimated number to work off of is that the bride’s family invite 1/3 of the guests, the groom’s family invite 1/3 of the guests, and the remainder is reserved for the bride and groom’s friends.


            Thinking of Everything

            Consider the style and feel of your ceremony and reception. Would children be comfortable there? Will you follow the plus-one protocol? Is it absolutely mandatory to invite your twice removed step cousin? My advice: It is not poor manners to restrict your guest list, however, you will need to make sure your invitations are worded to convey your wishes.


            VIP Only

            Your wedding is a special and private celebration; do not feel obligated to invite everyone from the office. If you are friends outside of work, or go to lunch regularly, consider adding them to the guest list if you and your fiancé decide to invite colleagues.



            How do you anticipate how many people will come to your wedding based off all those Save The Dates you sent out? There are many factors that play into this. Consider your location; if your wedding is a destination location, more guests may come so that they can experience the tourism life the next day. Also consider the day that the wedding will be held. For example, guests are less prone to attend Sunday wedding vs. a Saturday wedding.

            If you find yourself receiving a hefty list of declines, it is always smart to create an additional list, in the event the opportunity presents itself for you to invite further guests.

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