Geny’s Season of Floral Gifting 2018 - Floral Gift Giving #2

Mistral Soaps & Creams

Mistral Soaps are crafted according to a time-honored French soap tradition. Made with a special mélange of natural and organic ingredients and original perfumes from France, these quadruple milled bar soaps and lotions are super dense, long-lasting, luxurious, gentle and exquisitely fragrant.


Mistral Hand Cream and Bar Soap

Mistral Hand Cream and Bar Soap

Pair the Mistral narcissus tuberose hand cream, also conveniently offered in a travel size, and the narcissus tuberose organic shea butter bar soap for the perfect gift. These also come in scents such as camèlia iris, apricot fleuri and sparkling peony.


Your mind will be relieved knowing you are gifting style, care and comfort.


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