Geny’s Season of Floral Gifting 2018 - Floral Gift Giving #3

Vodka Lovers - Flowers Cocktail Kit

Flower Cocktail Kit, Vodka Lovers

Flower Cocktail Kit, Vodka Lovers

Introducing you to our Flower Cocktail Kit, the “Vodka Lovers” edition. Equipped with multiple flavors to entice relaxation, such as floral, wild cherry, almond and citrus, these 2 oz all-natural flower syrups are a great present. They even come with their own recipes.

All natural and handcrafted from real flowers with a touch of pure cane sugar, these make wonderful gifts for family and friends!

This particular gift package includes:

Cherry Blossom - which contains anti-inflammatory agents

Hibiscus - known for its antioxidant and Vitamin C properties

Lavender - can relive headaches and ensures calmness with its fragrance

Elderflower - known to aid with joint and muscle pains

Orange Blossom - promotes sleep to help you with getting a good nights rest

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