Peonies & Priorities

We break down how to divide up your wedding budget. In our home market of Nashville, TN, the average budget required for a wedding for 150 people is between $20,000 - $30,000.

The More You Know

            Know ahead of time which items you would like to splurge on and which items you intend to be financially conscious towards. Below is an example spending guide, which of course can be personalized to fit your vision.


The Run Down 

            Planner or coordinator: 15 percent

            Reception: (food, beverages, rentals, and site): 40 percent

            Flowers: 15 percent

            Photography/videography: 10 percent

            Bride's and groom's attire: 10 percent

            Music, Cake, Transportation: 10 percent

            Of course if your budget is lower, your percentage will be lower. This is where I can help you be creative by showing you that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. It can be easy to use your budget to your advantage with the right tools.

Put It to Good Use

            Personalize and use this guide to help you determine your wedding spending. Always remember to put your priorities first. Breathe and enjoy the moment of this engagement season! Everything will be beautiful in the end.

Stressed out? Time to call me. In an effort to help you Budget Before You Book. I am offering free 1-hour consultations to newly engaged couples in January and February of 2019. Make me your first call at 615-297-5305. HURRY! Appointments are limited and going fast!