“Just Gotta' (Not) Have It!”

At this point we’ve covered a lot of ground regarding budgeting for the most monumental day of your life. Below are some tips, from experience, on areas we found can save you money.

Is that Protocol?

            Forgo favors. I can hear my mother gasping from Alabama, but hear me out! The ratio is split down the middle for today’s brides whether they are still providing favors to guests at their weddings. Do you really want a koozie with someone’s names and a date on it? Your wedding guests will remember how happy you looked, how the food tasted and how the entertainment played their favorite song! While a kind gesture, the only time they will think about that wedding favor is when they find your name on a pack of matches in the back of their drawer when moving. My advice, save the money for another area of the budget to really wow your guests, or spend that extra night on the honeymoon.

If the Shoe Fits         


            Here’s a kicker! Buy shoes you’ll wear again after the wedding. I don’t mean a pair you will wear everyday, but some that match well with something other than a wedding dress. Brides are now opting for flats or sandals, depending on the setting, or even just a darling pair of wedges!   

Something Borrowed, Something Blue    

            Let “something borrowed” play a giant role in your day. A great way to save money is by borrowing staple pieces from family members or friends. Perhaps you have access to your grandmother’s veil, or your mother’s earrings. And, don’t forget your groom! By your groom wearing one of his father or brother’s ties, it can save hundreds of dollars. This will not only aide in keeping you within budget, but will hold sentimental and traditional value as well. 

Cut the Cake

            Well, at least cut one out of the budget. Consider having only one wedding cake vs. two where the bride designs one and the groom designs the other. After all, you ARE becoming one at the end of the day. The days of too much dessert at weddings are over. Your guests will more than likely be having such a grand time dancing that half won’t grab a piece. And, take it from me, it is so depressing seeing so much delectable dessert go to waste!

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