Budget Before You Book - This Or That (Venue)

Is there anything more frustrating than finding the most adorable pair of jeans on sale, getting them home, and then realizing they don’t fit. Now you’re stuck with a non-returnable item and have to find something to do with it. The last thing you want is for this to be the case when selecting a wedding venue! To be safe, make sure your venue fits the size of your guest count.


A Numbers Game

            The first step when selecting a venue, both ceremony and reception, is to know your guest count, and then secondly your overall theme. It’s important to know and note that some venues have guest count restrictions. This max capacity number is not just a guideline, but to ensure all of your guests have plenty of room to enjoy themselves while staying safe. Say you have always dreamed of a garden wedding, but the garden you are touring has a max capacity of 30 guests. It’s important for you to know your guest number to rule out uncomplimentary options.


Location, location, location!

            Decide on the location based on your theme, all the while acknowledging your guest count. If your theme is whimsical vintage, you probably want rule out breweries. Will you choose a destination wedding, or your local family church? The possibilities are endless these days. For budget savings, I would suggest to take note of the natural beauty in the venue. The less decor needed, the more you can save or put the decor budget towards another factor. It’s also important to keep in mind that some venues will ask that you reserve a certain number of rooms or require a food and beverage minimum. You know what they say, information is KEY!


Respectful Research 

            Make sure the venue is in your budget. It’s smart to estimate to spend at minimal 20% of your budget on the venue. Some venues will offer items included in your booking. Some even offer all-inclusive packages. This means a few venues may offer sound equipment, tables and chairs, bars with bartenders, and maybe even lighting, all included in their rental fee. It’s important to know these details about a venue up front so you can compare options with your budget to decide if an an all-inclusive venue works for you or not. See! Wedding planning isn’t quite as over whelming as it seems, right?!


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