Budget Before You Book - Hire a Wedding Planner

Benefits of a Wedding Planner

Hi, friends! In this post, I’m speaking as both a recent bride (we were married in March of 2018) AND a wedding pro. I am here to tell you, bride-to-bride, that at some point during your planning process, you are going to realize you should have hired a wedding planner!

There are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner.


There’s Someone to Help with the Hard Questions


            There are 1,000 decisions to be made when it comes to planning a wedding. It’s important to have someone in your corner with an unbiased opinion to help you stay organized and on target with deadlines and your budget. Hiring a seasoned wedding planner ensures someone is there to handle the hard stuff. Things like, if you are unsure if you should provide wedding transportation, or if your mother-in-law refuses to agree on flower choices.


Sticking to the Schedule

            When wedding planning, it’s so important to stick to a timeline and schedule of events. A wedding planner will be able to tell you which vendor(s) need to be booked first all while helping you stay on schedule. You don’t want to wake up 30 days out and realize you forgot a key element to your big day. Wedding planners are also very helpful to have when coordinating vendors, guests and the set Day-Of Schedule on your wedding day.


Focus on What Matters

            With a great wedding planner in your pocket, you will be able to fully be a bride and be taken care of throughout the planning process. With their experience, your planner will already know what needs to get done. Let your wedding planner handle the To Do Lists while you laugh and try on bridesmaids’ dresses with your best friends. Go with your mama to have her veil turned into a lace belt for your own gown. Let planners, like me, take responsibilities off your plate so you can fully enjoy this season of your life. It’s the most memorable investment!


Decided you need a wedding planner? Time to call me. In an effort to help you Budget Before You Book, I am offering free 1-hour consultations to newly engaged couples in January and February of 2019. Make me your first call at 615-297-5305. HURRY! Appointments are limited and going fast! help