Budget Before You Book - Details Matter… When It Comes to Savings!

Details, Details Details!

How is a girl to decide? This is another great example of how predetermining your budget AND guest count can save you hours of stress by planning ahead. By knowing how many guests your budget permits, this gives you a sense of how much of your financial obligation is allotted for decor, flowers, what type of food you will serve, your venue selection (as we discussed last week) and much more.


It’s Okay to Be Different

            The little details matter when it comes to your wedding, and making the right decisions here and there when it comes to decor can either send you way over budget — or keep you right on track. It’s okay to think outside of the box which could in turn save you hundreds. For example, a few tips from me would be to have your program as a sign at your ceremony as guests enter, versus printing multiple copies. Another great idea is to repurpose your bridesmaids’ bouquets to serve as the center pieces or flowers in the ladies’ room, the bar area or the catering tables.


Use Trends to Your Advantage

            We see wedding trends come and go like Southerns at the local meat-and-three on Sunday, but there some current trends you can take full advantage of right now to save you money in the long run! 2019 brides, I’m talking to you! For example:

            Micro weddings: make the day truly all about you, your fiancé and your families by having a “micro” wedding. These celebrations (usually 20 guests or fewer) are intimate, thoughtful and totally “in” right now.

            Standing ceremonies: If your ceremony is outside, consider having a standing-only ceremony. This will alleviate the cost of double set of chairs, and makes your ceremony even that more intimate. Keep in mind those elderly guests who still may need a seat.


Select a naturally beautiful venue for a need of less decor


             Like we touched on last week in This or That Venue, by selecting a naturally beautiful backdrop, there is less need for a plethora of decor which equals less cost. Think about selecting a garden with hydrangeas in full bloom in the middle of June. Or, if you are more of a winter wedding girl, explore the options of hosting your wedding in a beautiful mansion that decorates for Christmas, thus eliminating the need to purchase a lot of decor pieces.


Stressed out? Time to call me. In an effort to help you Budget Before You Book, I am offering free 1-hour consultations to newly engaged couples in January and February of 2019. Make me your first call at 615-297-5305. HURRY! Appointments are limited and going fast!