You are at Table No. 1 - Customized Wedding Centerpieces


Those Pesky Table Number Signs   Personally, I hate those pesky table number signs at weddings and events.  I know they are necessary, but it is always nice when they are functional and ornamental as well. 

Let's Customize Those Wedding Centerpieces

Erin, our fabulous new floral designer, also LOVES to write on everything.

And, since she is so awesome at it, we are going to let her.  Our latest collaboration gave birth to this beautiful centerpiece box.  We can customize the color scheme to fit your event. We can put whatever you want inside the box and we can use numbers, names, song titles... whatever your heart desires on the boxes.


 Even if you are not doing assigned seating, we can still customize a look for a truly unique touch to your reception. 

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