Budget Before You Book - Various Catering Options


If you’ve been following along with our blog posts lately, you know that we have been covering all things catering. Did you know there are multiple ways to serve your guests a delectable meal at your celebration? Whether it be a small intimate ceremony and a get together afterwards, or a huge black-tie event with every aunt and uncle invited, below are the multiple ways to serve your guests a meal or a bite to eat at your wedding day celebration.

Buffet style. — This option is great for the bride who is hosting a semi-formal wedding and wants her guests to have a plethora of options to choose from at her reception. The couple can choose to offer one or two entrees, a few sides and I always recommend having some drink options aside from alcohol, such as sweet or unsweet tea, fruit tea and water.

Plated dinner. — This is for the bride and groom looking for a black tie or formal dinner. This option typically comes with fewer service fees, so be sure to ask your catering prospect about this during your consultation.

Family style. — This option is so fun! If you’re having a destination wedding in Nashville or another southern city, this is a great option to introduce your guests to southern hospitality. Your guest’s meals are placed in the middle of the table and everyone takes some then passes to the left. What better way to make sure all of your guests get to know one another at your wedding!

Food stations. — These are popular because you can offer different genres of food OR just a lot of different types of your favorite food. For example, you could offer a mashed potato bar, a meatball station, a taco station and maybe a seafood bar. The possibilities are endless!

Passed apps. —Cocktail receptions are trending right now! Bride and grooms can take advantage of this trend by offering passed heavy Hors d’oeuvres and passed cocktails. This is a great way to stretch your catering budget.

            You’ll want to consider the style, theme and mood of your wedding day before selecting your caterer. Another great tip is that more times than not you can usually have your caterers add on bartending for your wedding. My professional opinion is that your event will run much more smoothly if your catering and bartending are coming from the same company.

You can watch our video on selecting the right caterer for you here: https://genysflowersandbridal.com/videos.

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