Budget Before You Book - Interview with local Nashville photographer Jay Farrell


Hey brides! We hope your planning is going well. If you’ve been following along with our planning tips, you know we’ve covered: building the budget, narrowing down your guest list, selecting your venue, choosing the right caterer, and now we have landed on photography. If you missed our video last week on all things related to choosing the right photographer for you, you can watch it here at this link.  

            Today, I’m happy to bring you a wonderful interview with local Nashville photographer Jay Farrell. Read below for more:


-    How did you get your start in photography?

Jay: Photojournalism and street photography, festivals and concerts. Not just the feature attractions, but the vibe of the surroundings, the mood set by the people. I can remember rummaging through glove compartments of old cars in junkyards and finding old coins and camera film. Perhaps that was the beginning of my love of the abandoned and distressed.


-    What is your style of photography?

Jay: Documentary / photojournalist. In its correct context, that means everything throughout the day is un-posed and un-orchestrated. The focus of the day is documenting the natural human emotion and interaction that happens if you watch for it. For couples who want it, I do set aside time to do some portrait groups, usually limited to 6-8 groups and done in 15 minutes or so.


-    Who is your ideal client?

Jay: Many are reserved about being on camera and value the natural human emotion instead of many posed photos. The photojournalist / documentary photography client would value a non-intrusive experience first and foremost. They want to enjoy their day without having to think about it. Many people don’t consider themselves photogenic. When interacting in their natural element, anyone and everyone photographs well, with careful capture. Sometimes the couples’ preference can be met with some resistance from their parents, so they have to be true to what they want. Besides, doing a few groups appeases most, and leaves more of the day for the couple to enjoy, with their guests.


-    What is your favorite destination location to shoot?

Jay: I’m afraid my answer will sound lame. If we are talking about a wedding location or venue, I can tell a story anywhere. I don’t rely on any location to provide a consistent signature style of photography, even with different locations. Of course, I appreciate the beauty of any nice location, but my biggest focus is the human emotion and mood, the background blends into that of course, but it’s secondary.