Feature: Floral Artistry by Johnnie Scoutten

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Jayde Interviews the Artist

Hey, friends! I spent some time talking with Johnnie Scoutten, a Franklin, Tennessee, graphic designer and artist. In fact, she does a lot of marketing for Geny’s. And, although much of her time is spent on the ‘day job’, she has spent time recently getting back into fine art painting.

What set the stage for you to start doing more fine art?


Johnnie: I used to do very large, hyper-realistic pastel paintings, but they took weeks to paint. I reached a point where I really did not have the time to dedicate to creating these large paintings.

Recently, I became intrigued by pen & ink and watercolors because they were immediately satisfying for me. I could play with them, keep them loose and fanciful. They were portable and easy to access. Plus, a finished art piece did not take weeks to complete.

What subject matter do you like to paint?

Johnnie: I am guilty of being all over the board and easily distracted by ideas I need to try. So some paintings are abstract, but then I do a lot of florals as well.


Florals? Now you are talking our language. Tell me more.

Johnnie: First, flowers are beautiful and can make most anyone smile. I can use all sort of painting styles on flowers, including lots of expressive experimenting. The challenge is coming up with something a bit unique. And with florals, I can also use acrylics and pastels.

I love painting loose, colorful bouquets and well as full-bodied arrangements that have some punch. I am pleased to say Geny’s Flowers has some of my originals and some floral prints for sale.

I am especially excited about painting Geny’s bridal bouquets for the newly married! It’s a chance to capture a decorative interpretation that the couple can save for many years.