Six Tips on Creating Your Wedding Invitations List

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When wanting to stick to a budget for your wedding day, the guest list is the starting point. You are paying per person for so many things.  Working on a guest list can be a daunting task. 

“Who gets a plus one? Do I have to invite ALL my mom’s cousins? Who from the office should I invite?”

You get the point! Here are six tips to keep you on track with your wedding invitations list and keep your budget intact.



Share The Love

Let his family choose one-third of the list, your family chooses one-third, and the rest are your guests as a couple. Set a number based on your budget and venue and make sure each party knows how many they can invite. Be clear from the beginning and let them know why you selected the number of guests you did.

Divide Your List

It is perfectly fine to invite some guests to the reception only. Sometimes your ceremony venue might be smaller or maybe you don’t want to have such a personal moment done in front of such a large crowd. Many will send out invites asking people “come celebrate the union” at the reception. You can include an extra slip with the invites for the people who you want to attend the vow ceremony.

Adults Only?

You like kids, but maybe you just don’t want them attending your wedding. While you would think, most parents would enjoy the night out alone, it is an added expense for some who must hire a sitter. The polite thing to do is to address the invite to the parents only. Go ahead and expect that some will get their feelings hurt, some will go ahead and RSVP including the children, and some will go with the flow. Be sensitive to their concerns and then let it go. Enjoy your day!

Singles Only?

It is generally expected that if someone has been in a long-term relationship they should be able to invite their plus one. Otherwise, it is not a must to allow single friends to bring a guest. Simply address the invite to your friend only. Some will still RSVP with a plus one even if they were not invited. If this happens, simple explain to your friend that for reasons of budget or venue size, you are limited to the number of guests invited.

The Office Party

You can’t please everyone and you certainly can’t invite everyone! A wedding is a personal affair. It is ok to invite the people you are closest to and not the whole office. Your wedding isn’t just a free party for strangers to come eat and enjoy an open bar! They will understand.

Always Have a Plan B

So, the response cards are coming back and you are getting more declines than you thought. While you would never want your guests to feel like a B-lister, you also would like to open the door to a few more people who maybe where just barely on the chopping block when making your list. The most sensitive approach would be to send out invites a few weeks early, and send your second round only a week or two after you have had a chance to speak with some people. Sending out Save the Dates is another great way to get an early idea of who can and cannot come.

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