Groomsmen Attire for Summer Outdoor Weddings


In Nashville, Tennessee, we do “lots” of outdoor weddings.  For those of you not familiar with middle Tennessee weather between May and September, it can be sweltering with humidity levels in the 80%+ range.  We like to call it, “Air you can wear”, to quote our resident weather man, Leland Stattom.  Planning flowers for this type of environment can be a challenge.  But, deciding on fashions for these situations can be brutal.  But we are not talking girl-fashions today, we are focusing on the guys!

On a good wedding day, humidity is low… nice breeze… low 70 temps.  Sounds like perfection, doesn’t it?  The reality, however, is that on most days it is very sunny with high humidity and low 90s temps.  Try getting a guy in a three-piece suit, with a tie, to stand outside for several hours in that getup.  I would imagine there is not a lot of air-flow going on in that suit.  No blowing your skirt up for them.


As a florist, we encounter a lot of guys that have opted, for their groomsmen attire, to not wear a jacket or vest for the formalities. This makes it hard to pin boutonnieres and looks a bit informal.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, if that is what you are going for.  But for a successful event, you have to maintain some balance on both sides of the aisle.  Beautiful lace gown and pretty girls in flowing dresses on the left need to be matched with a handsome looking, dapperly dressed groom and “hot”, in a good way, guys in appropriate attire on the right.



I stumbled on Wood and Beau a couple of years ago on Instagram.  They make custom wooden bow ties.  At least that is their specialty.  They also do sock and braces, better known as suspenders here in the U.S.  We’ll reserve socks for another discussion.

In Nashville’s hot, humid climate, a cool cotton shirt with braces and a VERY cool bow tie is a great substitute for suit and tie.  Plus, the tie and/or braces can be a very memorable groomsmen’s gift.  Wood and Beau offers gift boxes, personalized inscriptions on the back of the ties, personalized designs and discounts for multiples.  Plus, it is such an exquisite look, it keeps that handsome balance on both sides of the aisle.

But, what inspires me so much about this line is their general aesthetic.  I did a little research on men’s fashions for weddings in Australia and London.  They are not much different than in the U.S.  Three piece suits, tuxes and morning coats, etc.  Wood and Beau, which hails from the Gold Coast of Australia, have these incredibly handsome guys with great hair and mustaches in white shirts and braces with these wooden bow ties and it just feels so Nashville.  A little rebellious and so macho, so different.

Let’s face it, when guys look this good, who needs a boutonniere.