Is there an Engagement Ring in your future?

engagement rings

Any time is a good time to get engaged.  Not many ladies are going to complain about a proposal at an unexpected time. But as we near the Holidays, there are going to be more than a few who do get engaged before (or at) the New Year. And that often means an engagement ring.

Engagement rings

Bridal fashions enjoy trends, and so it is with jewelry and engagement rings. Just as with our exclusive line of Ellis Bridal wedding dresses, your ring can make a statement. And like a gown, a ring can reflect a sense of elegance or tradition, a vintage flair or creative sophistication.

No doubt you have an idea of the kind of ring you would prefer, and maybe have poured over magazines and darted into a jewelry store 'just to look'. There are all sorts of cons to shopping for a ring with your future husband. It more or less eliminates the opportunity to be truly suprised when he pops the question. And he might feel he has to spend more than he can afford if you are along for shopping. But, on the plus side, shopping together ensures you get something you really love.

You can always leave a hint or two, with a magazine clipping or an open browser image. There are so many options these days for where your man can purchase a ring. Geny's Bridal works closely with Genesis Diamonds in both Nashville and Cool Springs, so conventional jewelry stores are an obvious choice. And there are well-known trustworthy, online purveyors of rings. Etsy features stunning, unique rings that make beautiful engagement rings... and of course, there is always Pinterest for an endless supply of ideas.

To add to the romance, Ellis Bridal features The History of: The Engagement Ring. And the concept goes back a long, long way! So brush up on a little history as you think about the future that is in store for you! 

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